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For problematic issues related to this application, please contact the Texas Joint Crime Information Center at (512) 424-7981 for assistance.

Disclaimer and Security

In order to create, upload, issue, or otherwise disseminate alert flyers using this system, the law enforcement agency understands and agrees to the following:

In order to create a local alert flyer, it is acknowledged by the law enforcement agency that all state criteria have been met before listing. Alert flyers issued by local law enforcement agencies are not reviewed by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and are considered the full and complete responsibility of the issuing agency. By choosing to distribute the alert flyer notification to subscribers, the issuing agency agrees to hold harmless DPS, its employees, officers and agents regarding any and all alert transactions performed on this system by said local law enforcement agency.

User is authorized/designated to issue alert requests and associated alert flyers for my agency.

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